Hallo There!!!!

On 21st august 2010,there was an outing been organized by Ahmad Athar  in Ipoh…

Purpose of the outing is Breaking Fasting with Ipoh photographer and shooting at Bazaar Ramadhan in Medan Gopeng.

Just a simple shooting at Bazaar Ramadhan…But the main event was Creative Lighting System also known as CLS not CSL..:)

The event was attend by me Ahmad Zamzahuri Abas, Shaherwan. Tikush, Maha Raja,Noor Edzuan, Killabie,Mohd Razali and Ahmad Athar as a model.

Basic lighting was applied here..there is three point lighting powered by three flashes..2 SB900 and 1 unit SB800 and soften by 1 unit umbrella.

But,as a noob there is still alot of technical error.So far it was just try and error.

I just snap 2 picture due busy to help on positioning the lighting.

For further picture,can log on to www.facebook.com/ahmadzamzahuriabas.

All the participant has upload their picture and tag to me.

So feel free for viewing.:)